Why you should play these NFT play to earn games

In the realm of blockchain gaming, play-to-earn games are the new normal. NFT-based gaming ventures attract millions of gamers by using innovative technology and full ownership of NFT assets. Gamers may now earn real money in the form of cryptocurrency tokens by playing their favorite play-to-earn games.

This year has witnessed a major boom phase for play-to-earn games, which has created a plethora of new revenue streams for artists, gamers, and other creatives. We saw individuals from impoverished nations using these platforms to earn a livable monthly wage. In the Philippines, for example, Axie Infinity players earn an average of $300-$400 every month.

All of this leads to a burgeoning part of the bitcoin market, and it is critical to understand which projects have good foundations and are worth spending time playing and learning about.

Infinite Axie

If you’ve been exploring the NFT play to earn games space, you’ve almost certainly encountered Axie Infinity. It is now the most popular blockchain-based NFT game among other play-to-earn games, in which players earn real money in the form of crypto tokens by breeding Pokemon-type pets and competing against other players in PvP combat.

The NFT gaming industry exploded, with Axie Infinity setting monthly sales records. It even outsold top-tier NFT collectibles such as NBA Top Shot, averaging $30 million in sales every day for thirty consecutive days. The sales volume almost reached 300 million in the first 15 days of July. In less than a month, the average buy in the game increased from $280 to $480. As a consequence, the price of AXS, one of Axie Infinity’s two native tokens, went stratospheric in a short amount of time.

The remarkable thing about AXS is that it consistently proved us incorrect when we believed it was overpriced or another bubble set to burst. We began the year with 0.5 dollars and are now at 77 dollars. The demand for this NFT-based game surged to the point that it exceeded one billion dollars in sales in a matter of months as compared to other play to earn games.

So, what was the deciding factor for Axie Infinity?

The NFT play to earn games economy is already very difficult for the average individual to grasp, much alone a blockchain-based game. This is where Axie Infinity comes up with a superior solution for streamlining the onboarding process and lowering/eliminating access barriers. By using an Ethereum-connected sidechain called Ronin, the users’ gameplay and experience were permanently altered.

How can I get started with Axie Infinity?

Step 1: Purchase some ETH.

Step 2: Copy and paste it into your MetaMask account.

Step 3- Transfer ETH from your metamask to your Ronin wallet using your metamask. (Go ahead and make one here.)

Step 4- Locate the Axies you’re seeking (be sure to take into account rarity and varied classes) and assemble a powerful squad.

It’s worth noting here that each Axie will cost you between $300 and $400, totaling $1200 for Axie Infinity.

How can you profit from Axie Infinity?

Several strategies to exploit the play to earn games paradigm include the following:

  • SLP farming and currency exchange
  • Breeding Axies and reselling them at a profit
  • SLP and AXS trading

Zed Run

Riding a real horse would be the best thing ever, but the majority of us lack the essential gear and opportunity to make this fantasy a reality. You can now! Though it will take place in a digital environment. You may now experience horse racing via the use of NFTs with Zed Run. You purchase NFTs representing the horse and then use them to compete in races. If you become proficient, you may even earn considerable earnings in the long run.

Since its inception in 2019, Zed Run has not only built one of the most sustainable NFT play to earn games, but also an extraordinary community of horse collectors that believe in the company’s long-term mission. Additionally, customers benefit from lower gas costs and a more enjoyable NFT minting experience while using the Polygon chain.

When we look at Zed Run’s performance history, it seems to be quite stable and promising. The average monthly sales have been steadily increasing over the last several months, and we are currently approaching $29 million in August. Even the market momentum has swung fully in favor of purchasers, who are actively amassing more high-quality horses. Visit https://thedadcade.com/whats-the-update-on-yield-guild-games/ to read about What’s the update on Yield Guild Games?

Crypto Blades

While Axie Infinity has shown tremendous promise for play-to-earn NFT games, the competition to become the industry leader did not stop there. Crypto Blades is one of the most well-known NFT play to earn games projects, having been created in 2014 by Riveted Games. Consider Adventure Quest Worlds. It’s a traditional role-playing game set in an open-world setting where players totally own their digital assets.

Crypto Blades players earn money by accumulating experience points or Skill Tokens. Earn tokens by engaging in a duel with another player and beating them. This also relies on the strength of the beaten adversary—the stronger the adversary, the greater the prize.

The SKILL token has progressively gained momentum over the past few weeks and is poised to make some significant changes in the near future. Two characteristics of Crypto Blades are their price rise and daily volume. After reaching an all-time high of $155, the price dropped to $55. It increased from $300,000 to $12 million in daily volume in less than two months.

X-World Championships

X World Games is an NFT trading environment for collectors that includes a built-in play to earn games concept. The ecosystem is comprised of several mini-games that include distinct trade cards with varying stats and powers. Currently, the business has only released one game, Dream Card. Players may gather many adorable characters and resell them as NFTs for a profit.

While the X World world is still a long way from reality, user acceptance is accelerating, particularly among conventional gaming players. According to data, the gaming site attracted more than 150k members and almost doubled in volume during the previous ninety days. The volume of transactions has also increased significantly during the previous several months.

How can I register for the X World Games?

Step 1: Get and install the CHK extension.

Step 2 – Open a Binance account (cheaper fees)

Step 3: Purchase BNB/XWG in order to compete in the X World Games.

To begin playing, you must first enable the extension and connect the Dream Card interface. If you possess at least one NFT card, you may resume combat actions. If you do not already own any cards, you must first acquire them through the marketplace. Additionally, players may stake their trade cards in the game. This is accomplished by selecting “Expedition” and then the card to be staked. Reward tokens are distributed in the form of XWG tokens.

Mortal Kombat X Review

After months of hype and anticipation and a steady stream of new info Mortal Kombat X (MKX) is finally out on Next-Gen Consoles and PC. Were my months and months of anxiously waiting for this game all in vain? Did it deserve to be our game of the month? Yes, a wholehearted resounding YES! To put it simply, if you slightly enjoyed NetherRealm’s last outing with Injustice: Gods Among US, then you will love “X.”

The story of Mortal Kombat X is all about passing the torch to some of the new characters introduced in this installment. It seems that, when not nut punching outworlders, the heroes of Earthrealm went and had some kids. Three of the new heroes are direct offsprings while the fourth is in the family tree. While stories in the fighter genre have always been a very thin excuse to put two people together to pummel each other, Mortal Kombat has always stood out for going the extra mile. The intro to the story takes place directly after the events of Mortal Kombat 9. Following a short intro, the story is then fast-forwarded twenty years into the future. Earthrealm and Outworld share an uneasy pact and Johnny Cage has been busy putting together a team of successors to handle any aggression the future might hold (that’s where the kids come in). The group as a whole doesn’t really work well together until the magic of plot holes all of a sudden fixes that for them. That was my one complaint with the story. The rest is very good and takes some twists you don’t see coming until you’re stuck in a whirlwind of plot development. The highlight of the story is the way NetherRealm peppers in some of the older characters into the story in a nice wink to the long-time fans of the series.

The combat in MKX is tight and varied with each character having three separate variations to choose from. While most of the basic move set stays the same throughout the variations, special moves, throws, even brutalities are affected. Even the most frustrating of characters seemed to get better once you were allowed to switch variations. The only minor annoyance comes in the story mode when you sometimes switch variations without really noticing. In some character models, the difference in appearance is so minuscule that you could very well be trying to use another move set with no success before you realize what’s going on. The controls are great and once you know the play style of a particular character, you should have zero problems holding your own in a match. What truly makes this version of Mortal Kombat stand out is what was first included in Injustice; the special meter. You fill up the three bars of the special meter to be able to perform a 30% health crunching X-ray attack or you can use a portion of it to break combos or enhance special moves. The bar fills up slowly while doing special moves and landing attacks or much faster if you are on the receiving end of a nasty beat down, making it a great and effective come-back mechanic.

The graphics, character design, and level design are all fantastic in this latest installment. Sometimes I find myself focusing too much on what is going on in the background that I forget I’m supposed to be fighting. All the small details, like a soldier fighting off rabid dogs, or statues crumbling in the background lend to the mythos of these incredibly detailed, lively worlds. The Kombatants show bruises and battle scars after every match and little extra details after fatalities (like muscle spasms) go far to add to the brutal nature of the combat. While all of the modelings is great they can oftentimes look disproportionate when it goes to X-ray view. For example, any head attack on Goro during this time makes his head look extremely small in comparison to the rest of him. The same can be said for Ferra/Torr. The sweat ( I assume it’s supposed to be sweat) shown on models often leads me to believe everyone has been contaminated with Dragon Scale, but again a small gripe when compared to the rest of the stunning visuals.

The biggest draws of the game is the sheer amount of things to do to keep you playing the game. Once the story mode is complete, you can jump into Online matches. Most of my time online was spent in “King of the Hill” mode where players compete to topple the current champ and the champ tries to continue their win streak. This mode has a feel of a pay-per-view event and it’s just fun to sit back and watch two players try to win, especially if they all have headsets. Living towers and Factions give you an excuse to stat up “X” at least once a day to complete new challenges and to make sure your faction doesn’t get humiliated on a weekly basis. The Krypt, MKX’s mode where you unlock items, is extremely vast and you need to explore areas multiple times to make sure you unlock everything. There is even the option to download the Mortal Kombat X mobile app to play on the go and sync up your WB account to unlock even more items between the two games.

While the overall game is great and the best in the series, it isn’t immune to faults. Some finishers don’t work as advertised (Ermac comes to mind) and while there is the ability to practice them ahead of time, there isn’t a way to switch which finisher you’d like to practice or the ability to practice brutalities. The fatalities have gotten less complicated over the years and while that isn’t an issue per se, offering two-button “easy fatalities” is. That’s right, you can earn (but most likely buy) one time use easy fatalities as well as pay to unlock all crypt items. I know you don’t have to purchase these things but it is a sad indicator of the state of video games right now where you never get a full package and there is an insincere grab at extra money. That coupled with a very hefty price tag for additional DLC characters and useless costumes left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Whether you have never played a Mortal Kombat game before or are a long-time fan, this is a game you don’t want to pass up. It’s accessible enough for first-time fans to quickly learn the ropes and has enough intricacies to keep long-time fans happy. Add in the excellent story mode, fun online component, and the ongoing Factions mode – there is more than enough to recommend this game to any type of video game fan looking for a very good fighter on next-gen platforms.